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21 July - 6 August 2023

12pm - 8pm daily

Kult Studio & Gallery
409 Race Course Rd,
#03-01A, Singapore 218657



Kult Gallery is thrilled to announce its latest group exhibition, taking a plunge into the world of tiny wonders. Inspired by the small things in life, the gallery has brought together over 25 artists from across the globe to contribute their tiniest masterpieces.

From Friday, July 21, 2023 to Sunday, August 6, 2023, Kult Gallery will transform into a world filled with more than 75 awe-inspiring miniature creations. Prepare to be amazed by the feature piece, jaw-dropping cubes and dioramas, and a myriad of individual miniatures accompanied by mind-blowing videos.

We obviously couldn't resist naming the exhibition Itsy Bitsy Teenie Winnie Super Mini Thingy – because, well, it just suits the theme perfectly. So here it is.

What to Expect

Be greeted by inviting scents from The Wicker Club as you inch into the grounds of the gallery. The Wicker Club is a bold, loud and provocative brand that specialises in artisanal risqué scents. Their intoxicating scents are crafted with the perfect scent in mind for the absolute experience. Exclusively for this exhibition, TWC features their tiniest product ever — "the nano room + linen mist" in all 10 spicy scents.

Every weekend, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in informal chats and get your hands on some miniature magic during our interactive sessions. Oh, and did we mention? There’s a station where you can create your very own miniature characters to take home. Let your imagination run wild and bring your own pint-sized world to life!

Now, here's a word to the wise: bring your big bucks! Trust us, you'll have a tough time making decisions with all these incredible miniatures around. But fear not, they've got you covered. Make your way down to Kult Gallery from 21 July to 6 August and get ready to witness the grandeur of tiny marvels.

After scouring the exhibition and if you’re feeling a little more inspired than the dread of your mundane life, you can purchase a DIY dollhouse kit from Blue Stone Craft and try your hand at miniatures assembling – perfect for gifts, occasions, and to atone for your mistakes.


Self-Guided Optical Test
by foptics

21 July - 6 August 2023

12pm - 8pm


Going around crouched and squinty-eyed in a miniatures exhibition is a true test of one’s eye power. Kult will be collaborating with foptics to aid exhibition goers in getting their best vision with a self-guided optical test, albeit with a playful twist. Exhibition goers also get to try on foptics’ newest addition that’s currently on a preorder basis – a foldable palm-sized sunglasses which are perfect for travel, the FOLDY.

foptics is an eyewear club that aims to provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience, and staying true to the core mission of making stylish eyewear accessible to everyone, foptics strives to deliver affordable eyewear without compromising on form and function.

foptics will also be giving away a few exclusive freebies for exhibition goers, as well as concealed promo codes (if your eyes do not fail you) and giveaways on social media, so do keep an eye out for that.

Mini Pottery Workshop
by Terra & Ember

22 & 23 July 2023

3pm - 4pm, 5pm - 6pm

IG: @terra_and_ember

Exclusively held on the opening weekend on 22 & 23 July, Terra & Ember will be proudly hosting a limited capacity 4-session workshop on how to throw, shape and colour miniature potteries on the mini pottery wheel. Throughout the hour-long workshop, each participant will get hands-on guidance and experience the wonder of transforming a mini ball of clay into a mini pot, no prior pottery experience is required. Some of our favourite items to make are mini planters or mini decorative sets for our table-tops.

Terra & Ember was started by a husband and wife duo with a passion for pottery and all things ceramics. They celebrate the hand of the maker through wheel-thrown pieces and specially designed in-house glazes for their wares.

Click here to book your spot with Terra & Ember, and for more details.

Miniature Food Clay Workshop
by TingCorner

29 July 2023

2pm - 4.30pm

IG: @tingcorner

Ever wonder what the process is to create miniature realistic food replicas? At this miniatures food clay workshop, participants get to explore the process of creating their own miniature Fishball Noodle/Roast Chicken Rice/Hokkien Mee set on a Memo Stand. Participants will learn to sculpt a miniature replica of the dish using polymer clay, and get to bring home the set made by them at the end of the workshop.

TingCorner is started by Celeste who is creator of these miniature creations. Celeste left her job in 2013 to be a full-time homemaker. Amidst her mummy duties, she developed a passion in making miniature food replicas for her daughter’s toys, and eventually this passion evolved to making miniature food replicas into accessories. Every single piece of her creations are handcrafted meticulously by her. Celeste seeks to ensure that every piece is as realistic as possible. She is also constantly on the lookout for new ideas.

Click here to book your spot with TingCorner, and for more details.

Of Miniature Magic & Musings:
An Intimate Artist Sharing Session
ft. Chester Sim, Qimmyshimmy, Jessie Katsukin

30 July 2023

3pm - 4pm

IG: @explosive_minestrone, @qimmyshimmy, @katsukintakamura,

A Kult tradition for our annual themed exhibitions, where no more than 25 participants are invited to partake in an intimate artist sharing session, housed within a cosy setting over some mini bites and brews in the presence of a creature kitbash designer, pop surrealistic sculptor, and a micro felt sculptor. The registration link will be released on our website and social media closer to the event date.

Tiny Pocket Tattoos
by Tiredbutwoke

5 August 2023

2pm - 7pm

IG: @tiredbutwoke_

Explore pocket-sized illustrations and adopt a piece of art on your skin that fits in the palm of your hands (or even tinier). Tiredbutwoke is adept in an array of tattoo styles, including micro realism and micro surrealism tattoos which requires sharp eyes and steady, precise hands.

Mini & Mystic (Tarot Card Reading)
by Lotusbees

5 August 2023

2pm - 7pm

IG: @lotus.bees

Get shrouded in mist as our mystic dishes out the harsh reality and lofty dreams of your life while they skilfully reveal the mini tarot cards which are the size of a thumbnail. The blow might seem softer with the size of the cards, but we can’t promise.

Getting here

Kult Studio & Gallery
409 Race Course Rd,
#03-01A, Singapore 218657
(Escalator not included)
nearby Mrt stations:
NE8 Farrer Park,
DT23 Bendemeer